Seedlys is a project that's been years in the making.

Nine years to be exact. It is hard to understand the people who work at and are behind Seedlys if you don't know how Seedlys came to be in the first place.

Seedlys started as an eBay-style seed bank.

Thats right. Seedlys was named Seed-O-Holics when we purchased it long ago. We learned about it from a couple of stoners down in Colorado who couldn't tell us much about its origins except that it was custom-built and a solid workhorse of a website. Before we started looking into selling anyone's seeds, Seedlys was a custom-built multi-vendor eBay-style seed bank for a good 9 years. You could sign up for an account and sell seeds you had collected or seeds you had made. We had a cash-only (so buyers and sellers could arrange payment outside of Seedys) option and a cryptocurrency option. We were a true multi-vendor seed platform.

We've been around for more than a minute.

We recently switched over in 2023 to attempt to sell seeds like we are now. Seedlys has been around for a long time. It was never really that well-known because, at the time, we never really had the time to market it as what it was. Rather than keeping this incredible platform from the public, we decided to leave the website up and let everyone use it for free (no fees or anything) while we got our lives together. We took on the cost of the server every month and any development or patches we needed over the years, which wasn't much, but it wasn't easy. Hoping that one day, we would have the time to get everything else together and start monetizing the website. We had anywhere between 100-400 transactions a month that went out and 3200 customers when we shut the doors of the original Seedlys in October of 2023.

We didn't just pop up out of nowhere...

We were actually going to keep the Seedlys name on the eBay-style auction website and call this website (the website we were selling Heisenbeans seeds on) something totally different. However, the decision was made to use the Seedlys name instead. Because the eBay-style auction website had been online for so long without a good facelift, we decided to take it down and rebuild it from the ground up to give more options for bidding with newer payment integrations (like integrated Cash App payments and fees).

We still get 20-30 emails a month asking when the new eBay-style website will be rebuilt

We are lucky that things like the Internet Archive and Facebook keep copies of our websites.

The Internet Archive only started making copies of our website in 2021 (when we decided to stop blocking them from doing so). But the proof is still there that we were alive and well.

Seedlys on the Web Archive

We have had our Seedlys page taken down by FB many times over the years (like most). But even the guy screaming "scam" can look on Facebook and see that the last time we had our Facebook deleted was 2019 (the last “first post” left). They can also see the eBay-style auctions we posted and ran back then. About 98% of our FB posts were taken down for going against Facebook's rules, but there are still a few there.

Seedlys on Facebook

To all the naysayers:

So, starting this seed bank years ago and making the big switch over to selling seeds differently under the same name is kind of ridiculous if you only want to make a couple hundred bucks scamming people just to have to kick dirt on the name for its foreseeable future once the first real customer reports you? I know there are people out there that are that extremely petty, but I would assume there are many other easier ways to put up a crappy seed bank and sell make pretend seeds.

Anyone talking bad about Seedlys is lying. We have never had anyone to piss off over the entire time we had been up because we were a platform for private sellers, not the sellers themselves.

Anyone having anything negative to say about Seedlys right now or slapping their trap about the owners, I would watch out for. Why? Because if they're stupid enough to lie about us, who knows what else they're stupid enough to lie about… We don't have the time to participate in the drama that seems to surround al seed banks. We will leave it at that.

We haven't been in business with this new venture long enough to receive any unhappy customers. Everyone who has purchased seeds from us has had nothing but good things to say about us.

We recently moved from Oregon to Santa Cruz, CA. We made up our minds that when we moved, we would start working on Seedlys full-time.

We’re not well-known yet, but we will be.

So, for those of you who didn't know the boring history of Seedlys, now you do. That is how Seedlys came to be over the years and what it is now.

Only one regret.

Out of everything we've done over the years, our only regret is forgetting to get the Seedlys phone number forwarded to our home office line. It really just slipped our minds (November 13th, 2023). Every single website in existence has had a typo, forgot to add a price on one product, etc. when they first opened their doors.

It's funny how I specifically remember one of the seed banks that attacked us recently online, giving us a hard time about not having a working phone number during our soft-opening when they, in fact, didn't have phone support for the first three years they were in business (they did everything by email). Fact.

That's why it's nice to have a forum testing things for you and giving you constructive feedback.

We appreciate all your constructive criticism and feedback on the Chuckers Paradise website forum and through email.


  • Team Seedlys