Seedlys Reverse Auctions Updates - Trichomes
Seedlys Reverse Auctions Updates – Trichomes

Recently, there’s been considerable discussion about the origins of the Reverse Auctions platform, particularly with one seed bank asserting exclusive ownership and suggesting that others cannot utilize it. However, it’s important to clarify that the Reverse Auction integration isn’t a bespoke platform developed for or by a specific seed bank. Rather, it’s a freely accessible, open-source code that’s available to all. We aim to demonstrate the simplicity with which a Reverse Auction website can be established. Additionally, we’ll discuss the legality of any claims by a single seed bank to exclusive rights over this code, highlighting that such claims are not legally tenable.

Reverse Auctions Platform
Reverse Auctions Platform - Git

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2 thoughts on “Concerning Reverse Auctions

  1. Avatar James says:

    Thank you. I always wondered how this worked. I was able to find the free plugin online and add it to my seed bank. Thanks seedlys.

  2. Avatar Mikey says:


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