GG4 Threats & BS - Seedlys
GG4 Threats & BS – Seedlys

While anticipating the arrival of our upcoming seeds, an unnamed seed bank owner took an unexpected turn on Thanksgiving by threatening legal action against us. This individual, who hasn’t established a seed bank yet, has been unsettling sellers of GG4 feminized seeds, insisting that only they have the right to distribute these seeds. It’s worth noting that seeds are not akin to movie rights, and until genetic materials can be trademarked or copyrighted, such attempts to control seed distribution seem unwarranted.

We promptly forwarded this individual’s concerns to our legal team. We’re weary of the unnecessary drama and nonsense. They’re threatening to take legal action if we proceed with offering any GG4 strains.

Because of all this, be assured that GG4 will be our inaugural strain for sale. We refuse to be intimidated. If someone else is contemplating legal threats, let them. We’re unswayed at this point. We have legal representation, just like anyone else, and while we prefer not to spend money on frivolous things like ridiculous claims and attorneys, we won’t allow ourselves to be bullied by individuals who seek to push us around.

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